Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec 21 2009 Day 10 Taipei Hsinchu

( Our last Hualien breakfast. I know thereafter meals will never be this good )

It's our last chance of a sumptious breakfast at the minsu. 100NT takes us over to Hualien TRA station and on schedule, we hopped on the morning Taroko Express for Taipei. Scenery was intermittently beautiful because it alternated between breathtaking sea views and dark tunnels.

We reached Taipei at 1pm, at the tail end of a cold front (12C), deposited our luggages at Keymans Hotel located at Huaining Rd, south of TRA ). Keymans is a good decision because it is 1 block right of Shin Kong ( Z6 exit ), beside NOVA, a perfect landmark. Ground level lobby also helps in its identification. I had used google earth in my preparation for Taipei and it is exactly as indicated.

( Keymans Hotel is famous for its superhard beds among forummers. You get to like it if you stay for 3 days or more! )

Lunch at LiangPing Beef house for 50NT each, we caught a train bound for Hsinchu, an hour's ride 970NT, for old times sake. We walked to ChengHuang Temple ( directions totally provided by the many people along the way ) and gorged ourselves with Hsinchu fried beehoon, meat ball soup, giant Hsinchu popiah, cold tofu soup etc, a feat completed in less than an hour ( about 200NT in all ).

Tea at level 2 in Sogo ( Aunt Stella tea ) and then it time to head back to Taipei for a rest for the day.

( Taipei beef noodle lunch place. Proprietor speaks a number of languages )

( Cheng Huang temple in Hsinchu. I have to let hubby know how good the ruin-bing and beehoon is. An expensive ride for a very cheap meal. Much worth it! )

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