Saturday, December 19, 2009

18 Dec 2009 Day 7 Hualien

Today's 18C, but it feels like 14C because of the strong wind.

The minsu serves a special breakfast : His and Hers breakfast , artistically presented and incredible in taste. The coffee is a to-die-for !

( A simple breakfast but it makes you feel like a king! )

10-12.30pm : We cycled using the minsu's bikes towards Cisingtan but did not make it there or even pass the 5km mark because of strong wind. Besides we were not enjoying it because of the cement trucks fighting for space with us near the harbor.

( Minsu's breakfast has spoilt us silly and set new standards for hotel breakfast )

Defeated ,we returned the bikes to minsu, walked to GongZheng BaoZhi 公正包子 and ordered 10 bao and dumplings each, 2 soup for 135NT. Pretty good. Wonder how they can ever make a profit at 5NT per bun!

( Bike trail is fantastic except for the stretch near the cement factory )

Walked westwards along ZhongZheng Rd towards Hualien TRA. To compensate for the day's lack of program , I bought a flannel shirt ( 319NT ) at Sansang, lots of interesting stationary items for a bargain at TONY's stationary. Pens go for 6NT, a steal!

( See the price list. Buns are so cheap it is incredible ! )

3.30pm-5pm. Had coffee,bubble tea and cake at 85C for 99NT. Limited seating, so we ate alfresco, brrr. Maybe we will try other cakes next time.

Turn back and headed for YeSiangbianShi 液香扁食 for Wanton shop. Many tourists were there. Food is overrated. Simply meat dumplings! I still prefer Hong Kong's Shuijiao anytime.

( Bianshi is actually wanton, meat dumplings. The stall sells nothing but this )

Had mango ice at Doufu huacheng 豆腐花城. 99NT. It's similar to ice monster's. Humongous ice moutain, so 3 of us shared. A little too sweet for my liking.

( Tofu shop where we had our mango ice. Tofu in syrup is actually pretty good despite its looks )

Shops are selling winter wear because of the cold front, everything's on sale as they are in a hurry to sell the goods before the cold front disappears after this weekend. H got herself a 100% cotton blouse for 660NT at Bossini to tide over the cold.

Went round town looking for the Haulien bus terminus. After a huge loop, found it deserted and dark, very near our minsu, which is way we missed it. Will take bus 1139 to Cisingtan 七星谭 tomorrow, heading for Shoufeng, alight at Cinan stop.

We called it a day and wondered what to do with our sweaty clothes. The minsu employee did our laundry and even hang dry for us, since we are the only customers today. This is a first for us. Really appreciate the extra mile.

( Hualien night scene downtown is rather happening )

Blankets are now replaced for quilts, since the weather has taken a turn tonight. We have to tuck in warmer tonight.

( Hualien bus 'interchange' near the old train station )


  1. Hi,

    Which minsu did you stay at Hualien and Cingjing?

  2. We stayed at 不老的海洋 in Hualien and 云梦仙境 in Cingjing. Both are very nice, not the cheapest but luxurious rooms. No lifts for both establishments