Monday, December 14, 2009

13 Dec 2009 Day 2 Taichung

We spent the day in Taichung downtown to be acquainted with the city. It was a good decision indeed.

From Zaw Jung Hotel, we made our way to the train station and over to the town center to purchase a box of assorted suncakes at 九个太阳 ( I couldn't locate 太阳堂 ). It was 240NT for 8 pieces, worth every NT spent. Suncakes are extremely flaky and buttery, fillings not too sweet, yumm!

From Ziyou road, we trooped to the Fine Arts Museum. It is one of the best art museum, not just its installation but also the sculpture filled exterior is a sight itself. However at a scorching 30C, the pleasure was somehow muted.

We made our way to Yi Zhong Rd for lunch, a cab ride 100NT away ( recommended here because cabbie said Jinming 1st Rd is quiet at 2pm). Located near the Taichung Park, it was bursting with activity and brimming with youthful energy.

We took bus 88 at Zhong Zheng Rd to Sogo, orientated ourselves and walked 2 BIG junctions over to Jingming 1st St for tea at Chun Shui Tang, now 4pm. Well worth the effort, its ambience could not be beat and we made happy conversation and took respite from the day's heat.

( 春水堂 in Taichung,off Sogo. Look at the size of the bubble tea! )

Another cab ride costing 150NT and Fengjia night market greeted us with lights,sounds and smell. We walked dazed from the overwhelming crowd for 2 hours and ate at a porridge store. We took a bus ( with no number ) heading to the train station, taking us slightly less than 1 hour. The city was vibrant with life and the bus passed by every place we went earlier in the day. At 25 NT, it was a good recap of our last day in Taichung.

We were back to Zaw Jung before 10 pm, eagerly awaiting for tomorrow. Mr Liao, the cabbie recommended by someone at will plan our trip , will be responsible for day 3's program and our trip eastwards to Cingjing.

Cingjing, here we come!

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