Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 19 2009 Day 8 Hualien Liyu Lake

( Timetable of buses out of Hualien to nearby towns )

We started off early. A sumptious breakfast of artistic French toast this time, we went to Haulien 总站, took the bus bound for Shoufeng 寿丰 , to 鲤鱼潭 in 40 minutes flat. We alighted 1 stop too early and started our walk from the first bike rental at Liyu Lake. Should have waited for the bus driver to call us.

( Perimeter of Liyu Lake or Carp Lake )

Anyway, we walked along the lake ( very beautiful ), past 池南 entrance and up the bike track. We did not try the boats due to the cold weather and since we had enough of biking yesterday, didn't try to cycle round the lake as well. Nevertheless, it was a nice couple hours of peace and tranquility before grabbing some lunch at one of the many 煮炒 stalls. Pretty good but it was not exactly cheap, not unexpected. I won't try any fish dish next time, they are full of bones.

( Lunch place at Liyu Lake. )

We waited at an imaginary bus top, near the entrance of the park's car park and caught the 2.40pm bus heading back to Hualien TRA ,52 NT, 50 mins in all.

Walked down to 王记茶庄 for some rather expensive tea and nice ambience ( 90NT per cup ) and chatted till late afternoon. Some more shopping along 中山路 before having pork rib noodle for dinner ( 3 noodles,1 veg, 1 tofu century egg, 1 贡丸汤 , 260NT). I can only give it 2 stars out of 5.

( Tea house in Hualien downtown. Food is so-so but ambience pretty good )

It could have been a quiet close to a very unexciting day when our room on the 4th floor rattled very violently and the room sway sideways for a couple of seconds. Of all the earthquakes I have experienced in Taiwan, this is the strongest and scariest. ( I had expected this in earthquake city, but it is still too much for me.

And no wonder, at 6.8ML on the Richter, the epicentre 25 km away from Hualien city, we were badly shaken. We wrapped ourselves up, took our documents and waited out for aftershocks in the lobby. Minsu's lady was summoned to sweep broken glass in rooms and collect fallen pictures.

What an end to a mundane day!

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