Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec 20 2009 Day 9 Hualien 7 Star lake

( These are what made us come : the rocks. Cisingtan's beach only has pebbles )

We gave Cisingtan another go today. Took a cab ( 170NT) to the pebble beach for its unique scenery.

We walked along the bike track, passed 48 High Grounds and reached the halfway in 2 hours. We realised we had forgotten to backtrack at Cisingtan to the Katsuo Museum and a Taiwanese saw us studying the map and gave us a lift back to point zero, not after giving us a little tour in his car. What a fantastic experience with a hospitable Taiwanese!

A wonderful time at katsuo museum, some very expensive seafood lunch (970NT for 3 little dishes ) at a nearby restaurant, then we walked for an hour from Cisingtan towards Huasi Road. We caught a cab some point after the HL university ( 150NT ) and went downtown ( 85C) for tea break. Not yet defeated, we walked back to the minsu at Haibin Rd for a late afternoon nap!

( Cisingtan from 48 highlands )

By evening, completely refreshed, we went to the nearest Barbecue Shop and stuffed ourselves silly with satay and all grilled meat that cost half of our lunch, to reward ourselves for the day's walking.

Another great day today! Taiwanese friendliness is so refreshing I think they are the ones that make their landscape unique!

Our dinner place in Hualien : a hearty dinner at incredible price ->

Katsuo Museum

Seafood lunch near Cisingtan. One of the most expensive meals in Taiwan.


  1. hi there, i will also be staying at 不老海洋. was wondering if it is possible to cycle to 七星潭. if yes, how long? thanks, and btw your blog is super informative :)

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      We did attempt to cycle from the minsu to the qixingtan but turned back halfway. There was a lot of trucks on the way and it was very windy at the coast. We were amateur cyclists and could not handle the wind and road cycling ( partial ). We returned the bikes to the minsu and walked all the way there :-) after that.
      Our friends , however, managed to make it all the way and back, so yeah, it is possible. As long as you are a good cyclist.

  2. We took a cab there but walked most of the way back to town. I remembered it did not cost much.