Saturday, December 26, 2009

24 Dec 2009 Day 13 Beitou Danshui Bali Taipei 101

Because the hosts in 就要浆玩 made Beitou look like a food haven, we forgo Keymans' breakfast and braved the morning crowd to have breakfast in Beitou, 5 minutes walk from the station ( no maps, just ask the information counter girl. Pretty lass )

It was a hive of activity but we were clueless as to where to go so we ended with 油饭 (30NT) which was pretty good. Then it was Danshui, for the usual tourist experience at the old street.

I realized we could use the EasyCard for the ferry ride from Danshui to Bali ( 12.30pm ) too late and paid in cash,39NT , for a return trip. Bali is less crowded but still with the tourist kitsch. The view would be better if not for the haze and bike rental can be had for 100NT a day, a good idea had we not been so exhausted ( accumulated from the 2 weeks of walking around Taiwan ).

( Ferry point at Danshui, easycard accepted. Below : Danshui as seen from Bali, a 5 minutes ferry ride away. Costs NT20 one way )

We lunched at 17 海风餐厅 at 中正路, a 10 minutes walk at the right of the ferry terminal. The service was rather impersonal but the spread of flower clams, crabs, oysters, seafood fried rice more than made up for it. For about 1400NT, it was a good deal.

Next was a long MRT to Taipei 101 , City Hall MRT station. It was faster walking but we decided to get the free shuttle at exit 2, a long wait. PageOne at level 4 was having some discounts and we got Poincare's Prize for 300NT, a steal. Christmas eve dinner was at a Japanese restaurant on the same level. Hubby loves the sashimi but the afternoon's seafood lunch interfered with my ability to fully enjoy the dinner. Most surprisingly, the bill costing less than 2000NT for a sashimi set ( 5 course ), a sashimi set and tempura set in 101 itself took us by surprise.

( Danshui seafood restaurant which most forummers says have one of the best seafood. A spread of crab, oysters, fried rice, vegetables, clams costs around NT1000 !! )

Christmas day is not a public holiday but the road from Taipei 101 to the City Hall MRT was packed with lots of people enjoying the lights and music. But we hurried a little back to the hotel to catch the last half hour of the show 青梅竹马, a serial drama the other 2 members have grown to like.

( Japanese food at Level 4 Taipei 101 )

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